Own This Life: the Impetus, the Mission, the Vision, the Values, the Pillars

Robyn Eckersley
4 min readSep 21, 2020
Today is the perfect day to dream up and dive into a life that lights you up!
Today is the perfect day to dream up and dive into a life that lights you up!

In modern society, it is now not only common, but normal, for women to forget two universal Truths over the course of their lives: that we are each intrinsically deserving of a life that brings us alive, and that we are each infinitely capable of creating that life. Today, there is a pressing and dire need for women to have access to support that helps them return to and live from these Truths.

Feeling lost, stuck, or stifled has become woven into the female experience as a result of a relentless stream of messaging around how to live, work, play, appear, even love within the confines of societal expectations and pressures. It is an all-too-frequent occurrence that today’s woman reaches a point at which she experiences a very real and even crippling pain from the realization that she has somehow become disconnected from her true identity. She is awakened to a deep sense of conviction that there is much more for her to do in this life and a much more vibrant version of her Self to evolve into, and struggles with a constant, gnawing frustration around not knowing what to do or where to start.

We are all designed to thrive. And yet so many of us end up simply struggling to survive, professionally, emotionally, spiritually, even physically. We justify circumstances that we know are not in our best interests. We look outside of ourselves to fit into arbitrary molds. We water down our dreams in suffocating attempts to be “realistic” and “reasonable” and not threatening or distracting. And somewhere along the way, we arrive at a place where we are met with a stark revelation that this stunted version of our Self we see in the mirror is in fact a whisper of who we know we could have been, had we just dared to nurture the vibrant life force within.

Founded in 2016 by Robyn Eckersley, OTL exists solely to defy this norm.


At Own This Life, our mission is to transform society by supporting women in their quests of personal evolution. We do this by empowering them to know, love, and trust themselves more deeply and to design and lead unapologetically vibrant, impactful, vision-oriented lives.


At Own This Life, we envision a world in which every self-identifying woman lives from the knowledge of and conviction in her right and ability to live a life that brings her highest Self alive.


We strive to embody 5 core values:

  • Personal Evolution: This value serves as the driving motivation and intention of all products and services we offer our clients, and we ourselves commit to the ongoing pursuit of our own evolution.
  • Active Curiosity: We nurture this value within our clients and we work to challenge paradigms and societal convention by constantly asking “What if?”, treating all information as data to help advance our mission more effectively.
  • Collective Empowerment: We strive to nurture a culture in which each member of our community is supported in moving forward in our individual and collective missions productively and respectfully. We believe that to most effectively work toward our vision, we must support ourselves and one another in recognizing and addressing our needs and desires in healthy, proactive ways.
  • Outward Action: We espouse this value as a crucial aspect of our products and services and within our internal operations, encouraging our clients and ourselves to move from the realm of ideation and theory into taking tangible, powerful steps forward our missions.
  • The Ripple Effect: We commit to recognizing the potential impacts our decisions, actions, and inactions will make not only on our clients, staff, volunteers, and vendors, but on our communities and global environments as well, and we intentionally factor those impacts into our decision making processes to pursue our mission responsibly.


All our work at OTL aligns with the 4 pillars of our “Dream Up & Dive In” mantra.

  • Understanding Your Purpose — life itself is seeking to come alive though you. Your purpose lies in understanding what impact it is you are designed to make.
  • Seeing Beyond the Visible — living into our purpose requires us to see beyond the experiences, lessons, and beliefs we have collected up to now, it requires us to cultivate trust in the face of unknowing
  • Pursuing Self-Mastery — the You that is seeking to be expressed is going to require you to evolve into a new, yet-unfamiliar version of your Self, and will demand a commitment to growth and development as an ongoing process
  • Stepping into Vibrancy — learning to center the pursuit of what brings You most alive as the compass by which you live across the landscape of your life can be disruptive and uncomfortable, and yet it is the path to a life truly lived and aligned with your true Self



Robyn Eckersley

Impact & Empowerment Coach, Founder of Own This Life Coaching